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The Disk Space Manager TreeSize Free Tells You Where Precious Disk Space Has Gone.
An Effortless Way to Develop WordPress Sites Locally
A Neat Software Tool Repair Damaged PDF Files
Instantly Enhance Your Texts with LanguageTool’s Grammar Checker and Paraphrasing Tool
Eraser Is an Advanced Security Tool for Windows Which Allows You to Completely Remove Sensitive Data From Your Hard Drive by Overwriting It Several Times With Carefully Selected Patterns.
Extends Explorer by Tabs and Extra Folder Views
Copy Stuff Between Your Phone and PC Blazing Fast
The Ultimate All-in-One App for Tuning Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.
CapCut Is an All-in-One Creative Platform Powered by AI That Enables Video Editing and Image Design on Browsers, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Find and Delete Duplicate Files Fast and Accurately
Compress Your Pictures Up to 90% Without Visible Quality Loss
Useful PC Tools
Universal Tool for Managing Your Computer. Monitoring of Temperatures and Power Consumption, Checking the Health Status of Hard Drives and the Performance of Components Such as Processor or Graphics Card. All This in One Modern Application.
Duplicate Photo Cleaner Has a Scan Mode That Makes It Easy to Search and Manage Files in Adobe Lightroom. Now Finding Duplicate and Similar Lightroom Images Is Easier Than Ever Before. Perfect for Professional Photographers!
Add Margins, Rounded Corners and Segments to Your Taskbars! With RoundedTB, You Can Customise the Shape and Appearance of Windows' Taskbar, Without Modifying Any System Files or Making Any Permanent System Changes.

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