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Slowly Lets You Meet Pen Pals From Your Smartphone! Match With Someone That Shares Your Passion, Write a Letter and Collect Stamps From Around the World. Speak Your Mind – One Letter at a Time!
Best Animation App for Professionals and Beginners
Parallel Live Is the First Fake Live Simulator That Gives You the Experience of Feeling Famous. It's Perfect for Pranking Your Friends and Have Fun.
Synchronize Your Own Strobe Light Show With All of Your Friends, in Rhythm With the Beat of Your Choice of Music
Easy Screenshot Management With Cloud Storage. Work on Pictures From Any Device in Web Cabinet.
Instantly Enhance Your Texts with LanguageTool’s Grammar Checker and Paraphrasing Tool
DoubleTake Was Designed for Recording Multiple Fields of View During Live Events, Concerts, or Any Situation That Requires More Than One Perspective to Capture the Moment.
ChatGPT Is a Free-to-Use AI System. Use It for Engaging Conversations, Gain Insights, Automate Tasks, and Witness the Future of AI, All in One Place.
Learn a Language Faster by Speaking It.
Copy Stuff Between Your Phone and PC Blazing Fast
Take your digital art to the next level with Fresco. Explore hundreds of brushes, add motion to your art with animation tools, create perfect shapes with ease and more.
Noteit Is a Widget on Your Home Screen That Shows You Live Notes From Your Partner.
CapCut Is an All-in-One Creative Platform Powered by AI That Enables Video Editing and Image Design on Browsers, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Notion Is the Connected Workspace Where Better, Faster Work Happens.
BeFunky's All-in-One Online Creative Platform Has Everything You Need to Easily Edit Photos, Create Graphic Designs, and Make Photo Collages.

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