September 2023


Bucket Brawl

In Bucket Brawl: Ahlman Edition, players find themselves in a whimsical and frenzied world where charming toy animals engage in an epic battle for survival. All of this takes place in a quirky, environmentally conscious playground amidst a constant downpour of buckets, offering a uniquely comical and challenging experience.

The game’s core lies in its unconventional combat mechanics. Embrace the chaos as you hurl buckets at your opponents, aiming for the perfect headshot. The result? Laughter abounds as buckets turn into makeshift helmets, introducing an element of unpredictability to every match.

The dynamic arenas are crafted for tactical maneuvering, featuring precarious ledges and platforms. Utilize your wit to outmaneuver your adversaries, strategically nudging them off ledges and into the depths below. Victory belongs to the last one standing.



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Available on: PC

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